Spiritual Journey Series
Sept 2022 - Sept 2023  (starting Sept _____)

The Spiritual Journey series is the foundation of the teaching legacy of Fr. Thomas Keating. It is Contemplative Outreach, Ltd's wish that it be made accessible and readily available within the worldwide community of Contemplative Outreach and beyond for those who wish to gain wisdom and understanding of the Christian spiritual path of transformation into Christ.

The implementation of THIS Spiritual Journey offering is based upon a 2018 online course offered in conjunction with Spirituality & Practice, which was based on the original Spiritual Journey video series (available, unedited in its entirety, on YouTube).

The original 2018 on-line course was self-directed via weekly emails (a solo endeavor) so you may choose to participate in this series without ever attending a Monday group session (e.g. just receive the weekly emails and follow along on your own).

We are offering the exact same material, but adding in the bonus opportunity to take this journey in community with others.  

Click here for fuller description... ("Spiritual Journey Background and Invitation, and A Blessing") 

What to expect.....

You will receive 2 emails per week along with a Zoom invite to a weekly Monday evening Centering Prayer group that will focus on this series.

Each Week:
     On MONDAY mornings you will receive the 1st of 2 emails for that week. Generally there will be a short video embedded in that email.

     On MONDAY evenings (7:15pm-8:30pm Eastern) a 70-minute Centering Prayer gathering will be offered via Zoom, consisting of:
               20-min Centering Prayer
               5-10 min Review of email
               30-min (or less) Video (the video included in the Sunday email)
               5-10-min sharing time

     On THURSDAYS you will receive the 2nd email for the week. Generally no video, but containing additional supportive material to where we are in the journey.

If you miss a Monday evening, you can watch the embedded videos on your own time, and just join us the following week.

Our hope is to repeat this series perhaps annually.   Your feedback will be welcome!



Register below anytime from Sept 2022-Sept 2023 to join the series. This program will be repeated, so feel free to just "hop on" now and catch up on earlier material later (with us - or on your own.)

REGISTER HERE for the Sept 2022 Spiritual Journey series.


The Spiritual Journey series is offered freely. Should you wish to contribute to CONOVA's expenses, we will welcome your contribution with thanksgiving.

Free-will offering