Centering Prayer Group
Facilitator Formation/Training
Level I Workshop
July 23-August 29, 2022

Join us starting July 23, 2022

The purpose of the Facilitator Formation Level I Workshop is to empower people with a strong commitment to the practice of Centering Prayer to lead Centering Prayer groups.

The Level I workshop consists of 10 training modules organized around three topics: the spirituality of facilitating a Centering Prayer group, the basics of facilitating a Centering Prayer group, and how to use the Facilitator Handbook and other resources provided.

Who should attend?

Present Facilitators (leaders/hosts) of Centering Prayer groups, anyone wishing to be a Facilitator, or anyone who is curious, but undecided.  

There will be a nominal fee of $20 to cover costs of providing a Facilitator Handbook for each participant.   Scholarships available. 

July 23rd -  in-person  (Modules 1-4)

Our first class will be a ½ day in-person retreat filled with opportunity to build relationship with one another as we share this journey together in service to our community.   We will cover the first 4 modules here.

Date/Time:      July 23, 2022,  8:30am – 12:30pm
Where:             Andrew Chapel United Methodist Church
                         1301 Trap Road
                         Vienna, VA 22182

Monday evenings
July 25-August 29 - via Zoom    (Modules 5-10)

The 6 remaining modules will be covered via Zoom on Mondays starting July 25th - August 29th, from 7:15pm – 8:30pm, to build on and reinforce what you have learned and the bonds that you have created.

(Please let us know -email below - if you are interested in this program but the Zoom time does not work for you.).


Additional monthly and/or quarterly support will be offered to continue your growth, build your confidence, and prepare you to facilitate your own group going forward as our Chapter continues to grow.